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Designing an effective future for your business starts with creating all the necessary financial structures and sprinkle in some automation.

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One of the challenges in networking is everybody thinks it’s making cold calls to strangers.

Why Velocity Business LLC

You have many choices of companies that can create your business, build your digital identity, drive prospects, set up your payment processes, and design a financial corporate structure.  Our team members create all these for you with a full-service offering.  We work with start-ups to medium size organizations designing them to compete and operate at the level of the Fortune 500 companies. Most importantly, we know how to build quality credit for your business.




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Our Service

Your business is only as strong as the foundation. Creating all the required documentation for your organization is very normal. Structuring the organization for a strong financial future is how we at Velocity Business, LLC separate ourselves from competitors. We will increase your bottom line.

Payment Solutions

Revenue equals cash flow.  Our payment solutions allow you to keep more from each transaction and allow your clients to build credit as they go.


Organic leads should be the focus of every business. We crawlers need to find your products and services to allow you to benefit from the traffic. 

Business Credit

Build strong business credit and put your company in a good financial position to expand, increase sales or buy the building you are renting.

Financial Analysis

From small business to large enterprises, your company credit and finances always come into focus.  This can help or hinder a business.

Strategy Planning

Where are you now and what are your future financial goals. Plan the future of your company and pace yourself for success. Plan your success now.

Virtual Production

COVID-19 was the proving ground for remote employees and selling you products/services virtually.  We assist your team succeed in harsh situations.

Our Success

Trusted partnerships and teamwork create success stories that we can share with our prospects.

Financial Audits

Ave PAYDEX Scores

Ave FICO Scores

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Our Pricing

Our pricing is designed to be affordable for your growing enterprise. The pricing below is a baseline as a lot of businesses need customized solutions. We cater to your business through a simple monthly fee to allow your company to budget for success. We invest in your companies future success!!

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